The Russian State Library for the Blind is the largest Depository of Braille music in Russia. The fund of the music Department of the Library has more than 2,150 titles (more than 300,000 pages of Braille sheets).

Since 2002, the RGBS has started to create electronic layouts of music in Braille. Since 2016, the project has been implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation within the state program.

Reproduction of music sheets in Braille font from the flat-printed original is made by RGBS’ specialists with the use of innovative digital technologies in two directions:

1) character-by-character translation of musical documents published in traditional flat type into Braille. A literal translation of the musical instruments into relief-dot font made by qualified professionals who are trained both in music and Braille literacy;

2) scan, edit and create layouts of music in electronic format. Scanning is performed on the unique equipment — the scanner for Braille font — domestic development Lab electronics ElecGeste.

Digital artwork music, published by Braille are stored in a zipped folder including files of music sheets in a specific format, ready for browse on the Braille display and printing on a Braille printer, as well as flat-printed duplicates of title pages, pages with output information and content. The flat printing format allows sighted teachers and librarians to specify the list of works and their output.

Access to the original layouts of music sheets published in Braille `can be obtained through the electronic catalog of the Russian state library for the blind (, with the indication in the fields of advanced search of the type of publications —  «Ноты по Брайлю» (“Braille music sheets”) and select the checkbox «Только книги, доступные в электронном виде» (“Only books available in electronic form”). Since 2018, the Electronic library of music published in Braille (EBN) is included in the National electronic library (NEB) and is a separate collection of electronic files, which is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

Printed Braille Notebooks